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How big is the Pro bike?+

Our Pro bike is 1310 mm L x 670mm W x 1150mm H.  It weighs 65 kg.

Can I move it around my house once it’s delivered and installed?+

Yes – the bike can be moved using the two front wheels.

What is magnetic resistance?+

This is the newest technology in gym hardware – turning up the resistance causes a series of magnets to get lowered onto the wheels (without ever touching it) and therefore creates resistance. This means the training is silent and you have significantly more control over your workout compared to friction resistance.

Do I need spin shoes to ride the bike?+

Yes – our AT HOME bike must be ridden with spin shoes with cleats.

Which spin shoes can I wear?+

The Pro bike has a Shimano Pedal (used on road bikes) and our shoes come with Shimano cleats. If you have another shoe with SPD cleats these will fit, and if you would like changes made to the pedals, we are happy to try and accommodate you.

How do I clip into my SHELTER bike?+

There are two pieces of the bike pedal, looking straight down at it, it almost looks like metallic gaping jaws. You’ll place the front of your cleat against the front metal lip of the pedal, angling your foot only slightly downwards.  Now push your weight onto that foot until you hear your cleat “click” into place – if you are correctly clipped in you should feel stable with minimal movement on the pedal.  If you are still having trouble clipping in don’t hesitate to call us or look for resources online, like this quick video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ijYUnyGetI].

If I ride at SHELTER - will my bike settings at home be the same as in the studio?+

Not necessarily – our AT HOME bike has different adjustable controls so your settings will likely be different (the Pro bike offers adjustments on handlebar height & depth and seat height & depth). We have a video on our digital platform SHELTER AT HOME on the set up of the PRO bike and we recommend watching that video for optimal set up [https://vimeo.com/578364228].

How do I level my bike?+

There are small circular stands on each of the four corners of the bike base. These stands extend and retract as you turn them, left extends the stand longer and right lowers the stand shorter.  It is best to adjust the stands with someone spotting the bike, you should never place your finger directly between the stand and the floor so as to avoid pinching.

How do I get my bike?+

We can ship our bike anywhere in Australia, and if you live in or within two hours of Sydney, we will deliver the bike to your home and install it for you. Once ordered, we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange shipment.  We try our best to get orders shipped ASAP.

How can I watch SHELTER AT HOME classes on the bike?+

You can access our digital platform on a laptop, phone, tablet, or any other streaming device. You can also cast, screen mirror, or HDMI connect our content to a TV in your home.


Can I use the same SHELTER AT HOME account on different devices?+

Yes, just use your same login and password on any device (Android and iOS).

What bike maintenance is required?+

Maintenance is not required for the SHELTER bike, but as with any exercise equipment, periodic cleaning and adjustments may need to be made.

Is there a warranty? +

Yes, we have a 12 month warranty – please see our terms and conditions for more information.  

Can I get a refund if I cancel in the middle of my subscription? +

As per our billing terms we do not offer refunds or credits for unused subscription periods, accidental purchases, medical conditions, or any similar reason or event, unless required by law to do so.

You must cancel 24 hours before your subscription ends (i.e. the end of the week or end of the 12 month period) to avoid another payment. This will not shut down your profile – you’ll still enjoy access to the program for the entire period you paid for.  For the 14 day trial you will not be charged until the trial period is over.