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RIDE is our focus. Guided by beat of the music – filter through over 100 classes. With varying durations & abilities – there’s a class for you. Don’t have a bike? Click here to own your own.

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Blurring the lines between Pilates and body-conditioning, SCULPT uses a combination of resistance bands, ankle-weights and the core ball. Focus on your core, improve your stability, posture & balance with lower ab & glute focussed classes in 15 minutes, or commit to a 45 minute full body class. Our AT-HOME box comes with everything you need to get started.

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A workout blending HIIT and body-weight exercises. A circuit driven sweat using cardio and plyometric exercises, strength alternates between lower-body and core focussed workouts, through to upper-body focussed workouts, ensuring adequate rest-days to recover and return fitter and stronger.

Designed to boost your endurance and build lean muscle, strength is an all encompassing format requiring no equipment.

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With Yoga fundamentals, FLOW is curated to improve mind-body awareness, flexibility and muscle-toning. Beginning with a focus on the breath, we bring the mind inward before moving into a FLOW focussing on movement & strong yoga practice.

FLOW will leave you with a rejuvenated sweat.

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It’s widely acknowledged that physical well being is vital to remaining fit and healthy. Though equally as important is our mental calmness and clarity. Some would argue that one without the other creates an imbalance. Our at-home meditation is a way to connect with your inner self.

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