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Private Training

With a focus on rhythm and music, our high intensity, boutique RIDE classes are curated to ensure we push your boundaries, without taking the fun out of training. Let our 45 minute sound and light show take you on a journey. We’re about feeling good, igniting your passion and finding the fun in movement.

Private Ride

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Think boxing, but Shelter. A 45 minute, meditative sweat. Combining boxing & low impact, high intensity conditioning. The Shelter Box class runs as 10 guided rounds, split between the boxing bags, and the floor. It’s empowering and fun. No experience required.

Private Box

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A 45 minute workout, blurring the lines between Pilates & body conditioning. Using resistance bands, light weights, there’s a focus on your core & glutes (booty). Similar to our RIDE & BOX classes, SCULPT is too driven by music & rhythm. Let yourself escape into the newest way to sweat – SCULPT.

Private Sculpt

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